Professional line marking technology

Established for over 30 years, Bowcom are one of the world’s most respected line marking companies and have become synonymous with the ultimate in line marking technology.
From manufacturing premium quality line marking paints & concentrates, through to a range of innovative line marking applicators, Bowcom provides total line marking solutions for the global line marking sector.
As trusted supplier to councils, schools, contractors, national and international sporting institutions and major sporting championships, Bowcom’s reputation for precision, quality and innovation is built upon an on-going commitment to:
  • The highest levels of product performance
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Industry leading product development and design
Total commitment to research and development
Building on the success of the established GMX applicator, the launch of Bowcom’s new Low Volume Atomic System has been a revelation in the line marking and ground care markets.
Bowcom employs a team of highly qualified and experienced chemists, continually formulating and optimising their wide range of specialist line marking solutions, for the Atomic, Concentrate and Ready For Use systems.
With this policy of continual investment in people, technology and manufacturing, Bowcom ensure they provide the most complete and competitive package of products and services to the home and international line marking sectors.